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Telstra Pitt Street exchange

Telstra’s premium exchange in the Sydney CBD Pitt Street installation is the heart of Telstra’s data network.

Telstra required a large high reliability emergency generating plant which could provide power if a mains power failure occurred. The equipment had to be capable of synchronising with Energy Australia’s grid to ensure immediate changeover between the grid and the plant if necessary.

TSF supplied and installed 3 off 2.6MVA and 3 off 2.2MVa standby generators that now fully cover the electrical load of Telstra’s estimated maximum demand. The solution also involved supply and installation of:
  • Automatic synchronising equipment of soft transfer with local authority
  • Circulating water pumps and pipe work
  • Diesel exhausts silencers and discharge pipe work.

TSF was also contracted to install the control system for the 6 generators giving Telstra an N+2 rating and providing a major upgrade to the existing Electrical Switchboard.