Specialist Mechanical Engineering Contractors

Quality and Safety

Quality, Safety and environmental management are key values that underpin the TSF culture. Around the business our conversations start with safety and end with quality in a context of continuous improvement and innovation.

The TSF team recorded an impeccable safety record during its many years of operation and have accumulated 1000’s of man-hours of safe working without incident.

Our overriding goal is to deliver consistent quality project outcomes for our clients, with zero harm to our people.

All maintenance teams are highly trained, and our products and services are engineered and delivered to meet or better international safety and quality standards.

"Communication with clients is paramount when it comes to safety. We pride ourselves on regular and clear communication about safety standards and we constantly review safety at each site, we regularly have team safety toolbox meetings to identify any potential safety or environmental hazards, we conduct strict periodic safety audits and analysis our team."

- Jeff Hughes, GM TSF Power

TSF Power is certified to the following international standards: